TESS expert Handbook Laboratory Experiments Physics

Продукт No: 16502-32


Instructions for more than 300 experiments covering various areas of physics.


  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electricity
  • Structure of matter


  • DIN A4 handbook, ring binding, b/w, over 1300 pages

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Moments P2120100
Modulus of elasticity / Youngs Modulus P2120200
Mechanical hysteresis P2120300
Newton's 2nd law/ demonstration track P2130305
Laws of collision/ demonstration track with a 4-4 timer P2130505
Determination of the gravitational constant/ computerised Cavendish balance P2130901
Projectile motion P2131100
Ballistic pendulum P2131200
Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with a precision pivot bearing P2131305
Centrifugal force P2131601
Mechanical conservation of energy/ Maxwell's wheel P2131800
Laws of gyroscopes/ 3-axis gyroscope P2131900
Laws of gyroscopes/ cardanic gyroscope P2132000
Mathematical pendulum P2132100
Reversible pendulum P2132200
Variable g pendulum P2132301
Forced oscillations - Pohl's pendulum P2132701
Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus P2133000
Moments of inertia and torsional vibrations P2133100
Propagation of a periodically excited continuous transverse wave P2133200
Phase velocity of rope waves P2133300
Interference and diffraction of water waves with the Ripple Tank P2133500
Density of liquids P2140100
Surface of rotating liquids P2140200
Viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids (rotary viscometer) P2140300
Viscosity measurement with the falling ball viscometer P2140400
Surface tension with the ring method (Du Nouy method) P2140500
Vibration of strings P2150100
Chladni figures P2150501
Measuring the velocity of light P2210101
Dispersion and resolving power of a grating spectroscope P2210300
Refraction index of air and CO2 with the Michelson interferometer P2220700
Diffraction at a slit and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle P2230100
Diffraction of light at a slit and an edge P2230200
Diffraction intensity due to multiple slits and grids P2230400
Diffraction intensity at a slit and at a wire - Babinet's P2230600
Polarisation through quarter-wave plates P2250100
Polarimetry P2250200
Malus' law P2250400
Faraday effect P2260100
Helium Neon laser, basic set P2260701
Nd:YAG laser P2260900
Fibre optics P2261000
Thermal expansion in solids and liquids P2310100
Heat capacity of gases P2320201
Maxwellian velocity distribution P2320300
Adiabatic coefficient of gases - Flammersfeld oscillator P2320500
Heat capacity of metals P2330101
Vapour pressure of water at high temperature P2340100
Stefan-Boltzmann's law of radiation with an amplifier P2350101
Solar ray collector P2360100
4 Point Method / Measurement of low resistances / Ohm's Law P2410101
Wheatstone bridge P2410200
Temperature dependence of different resistors and diodes P2410401
Current balance / force acting on a current-carrying conductor with an amperemeter P2410601
Semiconductor thermogenerator - Seebeck effect P2410700
Peltier heat pump P2410800
Characteristic curves of a solar cell P2410901
Electric fields and potentials in the plate capacitor P2420100
Charging curve of a capacitor / charging and discharging of a capacitor P2420201
Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor P2420300
Coulomb potential and Coulomb field of metal spheres P2420500
Dielectric constant of different materials P2420600
Determination of the earth's magnetic field P2430100
Magnetic field of single coils / Biot-Savart's law with a teslameter P2430201
Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement P2430301
Magnetic moment in the magnetic field P2430400
Magnetic field outside a straight conductor P2430500
Transformer P2440100
Magnetic induction P2440201
Inductance of solenoids P2440301
Rectifier circuits P2440700
RC filters P2440801
Elementary charge and Millikan experiment P2510100
Specific charge of the electron - e/m P2510200
Franck-Hertz experiment with a Hg-tube P2510311
Franck-Hertz experiment with a Ne-tube P2510315
Planck's "quantum of action" and photoelectric effect(line separation by interference filters) P2510402
Planck's "quantum of action" and extern photoelectric effec effect (line separation by a diffraction grating) P2510502
Fine structure: one and two electron spectra P2510600
Balmer series/ determination of Rydberg's constant P2510700
Atomic spectra of two-electron system: He, Hg P2510800
Zeeman effect with electromagnet P2511005
Zeeman effect with a variable magnetic system P2511007
Visualisation of radioactive particles/ diffusion cloud P2520400
Alpha energies of different sources with MCA P2522015
Rutherford experiment with MCA P2522115
Fine structure of the alpha spectrum of Am-241 with MCA P2522215
Study of the alpha energies of Ra-226 with MCA P2522315
Energy loss of alpha particles in gases with MCA P2522415
Electron absorption P2523100
Beta spectroscopy P2523200
Inverse-square law and absorption of gamma or beta rays with the Geiger-Müller counter P2524101
Energy dependence of the gamma absorption coefficient / Gamma spectroscopy P2524215
Compton effect P2524415
Internal conversion in 137m Ba with MCA P2524515
Photonuclear cross-section / Compton scattering cross-section P2524615
X-ray fluorescence and Moseley's law P2524715
Hall effect in n- and p-germanium (Teslameter) P2530102
Hall effect in n- and p-germanium (PC) P2530116
Hall effect in metals P2530300
Band gap of germanium P2530402
Atomic Resolution of the graphite surface by STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope) P2532000
Characteristic X-rays of copper P2540101
Characteristic X-rays of molybdenum P2540201
Characteristic X-rays of iron P2540301
The intensity of characteristic X-rays as a function of the anode current and anode voltage P2540401
Monochromatisation of copper X-rays P2540601
K alpha double splitting of molybdenum X-rays / fine struc P2540701
K alpha doublet splitting of iron X-rays / fine structure P2540801
Duane-Hunt displacement law and Planck's "quantum of action" P2540901
Characteristic X-ray lines of different anode materials / P2541001
Absorption of X-rays P2541101
X-ray investigation of crystal structures / Laue method P2541601
Characteristic X-rays of tungsten P2542801

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