Student set Acoustics 1, TESS advanced Physics

Продукт No: 15289-88

Function and Applications
Equipment set allowing the performance of 14 experiments about the following topics:

  • Generation, propagation and perception of sound (8 Experiments)
  • Physical properties: Oscillations and waves (2 Experiments)
  • Applications in the field of medicine, music, and everyday life (4 Experiments)


  • Complete equipment set: simple execution of the experiments
  • The equipment is stored in a rugged, stackable and compact box, allowing quick control of completeness (foam insert)
  • Experimenting literature for pupils and teachers available: minimal preparation time
  • Matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered
  • Multidisciplinary treatment of the subject acoustics: physics, biology and music
  • More than 10 documented experiments, mainly software- based
  • Powerful educational software for generation and analysis of acoustic signals

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
  • Robust, stackable storage box with a foam insert fitting to the contained equipment

Necessary accessories

  • For the software-based experiments, speakers, earphones and microphone are required

Optional accessories

  • TESS Applied Sciences manual Acoustics (13289-02)
  • Supplementary set TESS advanced Applied Sciences Acoustics 2 (15321-88)

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Перечень материалов Продукт Количество
Software "Measure Acoustics", single user license 14441-61 1
TESS box, plastics, high, 305 x 425 x 150 mm 15200-00 1
Tuning fork 880 Hz 03421-00 1
Frame drum, d = 20 cm 13289-11 1
Lid for TESS box, plastic 15205-00 1
Styrofoam sphere with hook 13289-13 1
Striking hammer 03429-00 1
Tuning fork 440 Hz 03424-00 2
Measuring tape, l = 2 m 09936-00 1
Silk thread, l = 200 m 02412-00 1
Silicone tubing, inner diameter 3 mm 39292-00 0,5
Ruler, plastic, 200 mm 09937-01 1
Beaker, 100 ml, low form, plastic 36011-01 1
PVC tubing, i.d. 7 mm 03985-00 1
Filter funnel, d = 75 mm, PP 46895-00 2

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curricuLAB ExperimentierManager (online), Schullizenz 14575-62

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Propagation of sound in air P6010100
Propagation of sound in solid bodies P6010200
Propagation of sound in water P6010300
Sound as a sine wave P6010400
Sound and noise P6010500
Lower and upper hearing threshold P6010600
Directional hearing P6010700
Beat frequency P6011000
Measurement of sound velocity P6011100
Bone conduction P6011500
Noise level traffic lights P6011600
Scales and intervals P6011700
Fundamental, overtone and tone colour P6011800

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Продукт No: 15289-88

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