Software "Measure Acoustics", single user license

Продукт No: 14441-61
 Function and Applications

Software for the computer-assisted performance of student experiments on the topic of Acoustics.


  • Powerful - Generation and analysis of sound signals. Live display of the amplitude in time and frequency domain (Fouriertransformation), for the input signal at the microphone as well as for adjustable tones that can be played via loudspeakers. The signals cannot only be observed but also investigated, due to the available flexible tools. This enables numerous quantitative acoustics experiments. 
  • Intuitive - Clear design, all important functions at a glance. Receive results fast and reliably, without lengthy preparation time.
  • Didactic - Including detailed and student suitable help function and topic-related experiment descriptions, integrated as pdf files. Pre-configured experiments can be loaded. The adjustment and saving of individual settings is as easy as the design of new, user-defined experiments.

Equipment and technical data

System requirements: Minimum Pentium III, 500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, DVD drive, sound card, Windows XP or higher

Recommended accessories

  • Student experiment set TESS Acoustics 1, 13289-88
  • TESS advanced manual Student experiments Acoustics, 13289-02

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Продукт No: 14441-61

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