XR 4.0 X-ray goniometer

Продукт No: 09057-10

Function and Applications

Goniometer with two independent stepper motors for the precise angular positioning of a sample and detector.


Self-calibrating goniometer
Plug & measure:

  • Automatic identification of the goniometer
  • Goniometer block with two independent stepper motors for rotating the sample holder and the detector either separately or coupled in a 2:1 ratio
  • The detector holder with a slit diaphragm holder for absorption foils can be moved in order to change the angular resolution
  • Includes a light barrier system for limiting the permissible swivelling range and, thereby, for protecting the detectors
  • Intuitive operation directly at the unit or via a PC

Equipment and technical data

  • Angular increment: 0.1°...10°
  • Rate: 0.5...100 s/increment
  • Sample rotation range: 0...360°
  • Detector rotation range: -10°...+170°
  • Dimensions (cm): 35 x 30 x 20
  • Mass (kg): 5

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Продукт No: 09057-10

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