TESS expert Physics Handbook X-ray Experiments for XR 4.0 expert unit

Продукт No: 01200-02
47 experiments with X-rays and their use in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, material science, and geology.

Function and Applications

Comprehensive collection of reference experiments concerning the fundamental principles and use of X-rays in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, material science and geology with the XR 4.0 X-ray unit platform as a pool of ideas concerning the potential areas of application in demonstration and laboratory experiments. A clear matrix simplifies the orientation in terms of scientific fields and topics.

What you can learn about

  • Characteristic X-radiation / atomic structure / quantum physics and chemistry
  •  X-ray absorption
  • Compton scattering
  • Dosimetry
  • Crystal structures/structural analysis with X-rays/Debye-Scherrer experiments (counting tube goniometer)
  • Transirradiation experiments/non-destructive testing

Equipment and Technical Data

  •  Experiment descriptions with clearly structured learning objectives, fundamental principles, photo of the set-up, equipment list, tasks, illustrated instructions concerning the set-up and procedure, theory and evaluation with example results plus important notes concerning the operation and safety of the equipment. This simplifies the orientation and execution as well as the selection of the experiment parts for personalised laboratory experiments. The information provided is so comprehensive that no other background information is required. 
  • For every experiment, the software package "XRM 4.0 measure X-ray" includes presettings for the easy and direct execution of the experiment at the push of a button as well as numerous example measurements.
  • Experiment matrix for quick orientation
  • Operating instructions concerning the components of the XR 4.0 platform including detailed information
  • DIN A4 format, spiral-bound, colour print, 377 pages

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В данной документации содержатся такие эксперименты

Название Продукт
Counter tube characteristics P2540010
Radiographic examination of objects P2540020
Qualitative examination of the absorption of X-rays P2540030
Ionizing effect of X-radiation P2540040
Characteristic X-rays of copper P2540101
Characteristic X-rays of iron P2540301
The intensity of characteristic X-rays as a function of the anode current and anode voltage P2540401
Monochromatisation of molybdenum X-rays P2540501
Monochromatisation of copper X-rays P2540601
K alpha double splitting of molybdenum X-rays / fine struc P2540701
K alpha doublet splitting of iron X-rays / fine structure P2540801
Duane-Hunt displacement law and Planck's "quantum of action" P2540901
Characteristic X-ray lines of different anode materials / P2541001
Absorption of X-rays P2541101
K and L absorption edges of X-rays / Moseley's law and the P2541201
Examination of the structure of NaCl monocrystals with different orientations P2541301
X-ray investigation of cubic crystal structures / Debye-Scherrer powder method P2541401
X-ray investigation of hexagonal crystal structures / De P2541501
Compton scattering of X-rays P2541701
Contrast medium experiment with a blood vessel model P2541901
Determination of length and position of an object which can P2542001
Debye-Scherrer diffraction patterns of powder samples with three cubic Bravais lattices P2542101
Debye-Scherrer diffractions pattern of powder samples with a diamond structure (according to Bragg-Brentano) P2542201
Debye-Scherrer diffraction patterns of powder samples with a P2542301
Debye-Scherrer diffraction patterns of powder samples with a P2542401
Debye-Scherrer diffraction patterns with a cubic powder P2542501
Diffraction measurements to determine the intensity of Debye-Scherrer reflexes using a cubic powder sample P2542601
Debye-Scherrer diffraction measurements for the examination of the texture of rolled sheets P2542701
Characteristic X-rays of tungsten P2542801
X-ray energy spectroscopy - calibration of the X-ray energy P2544001
Energy resolution of the X-ray energy detector P2544101
Inherent fluorescence radiation of the X-ray energy detector P2544201
Qualitative X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy of metals - Moseley's law P2544501
Qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of alloyed materials P2544601
Qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of powder samples P2544701
Qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of solutions P2544801
Qualitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of ore samples P2544901
Quantitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of alloyed materials P2545001
Quantitative X-ray fluorescence analysis of solutions P2545101
X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy ? layer thickness determina P2545201
Compton effect - energy-dispersive direct measurement P2546001
Energy-dispersive measurements of K- and L-absorption edges P2546101
Determination of the lattice constants of a monocrystal P2546201
Duane-Hunt displacement law P2546301

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Продукт No: 01200-02

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