Ultrasonic probe 2 MHz for 13921-99

Продукт No: 13921-05

Function and Applications

The 2 MHz probes are suitable for largerange use. Due to the higher frequency the axial and lateral resolution is better compared to the 1 MHz probes. On the other hand the damping of 2 MHz sound waves in most materials is not too large, so that they can be used for medium range investigations. The 2 MHz probes are suitable for measurements at medical objects and as ultrasound Doppler-probes.


  • The ultrasonic probes are designed to produce high sound intensities and short sound pulses. It makes them particularly suitable for pulse-echo mode.
  • All probesare sealed in a robust metal housing andare water proof at the sensor surface.
  • The probes are delivered with a specialplug for automatic probe recognition.

Equipment and technical data

  • Sound impedance adaptation to water / acrylic
  • Size: l = 70 mm, d = 27 mm
  • Cable length: 1 m
  • Frequency: 2 MHz

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Продукт No: 13921-05

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