Продукт No: 65963-00

Function and Applications

The neuron unit Neurosimulator simulates a generalised nerve cell with an apical dendrite and its synaptic contacts, a cell body (soma) and a nerve fibre (axon) with myelin sheathes and a Ranvier's ring.


  • The dendrite comprises exciting, inhibiting, presynaptic and Hebbian synapses which are marked by the corresponding colours of the sockets
  • here the axons end in presynaptic buttons
  • these are represented together with a part of the (afferent) fibre providing the signal
  • the connection between the (efferent) axon of a neuron unit which leads away or the stimulus output socket of the operating unit and a synapse is established by means of a white cable which is inserted into the desired synapse socket
  • the yellow sockets serve for the derivation of the state of excitement of the simulated neuron
  • they must be connected to suitable measuring instruments (e.g.oscilloscope) or a computer interface
  • the action potentials can be made audible with the aid of the integrated acoustic monitor
  • the turning knob "S" serves for setting the "firingthreshold" of the neuron.

Equipment and technical data


1 Set of connecting cords:

  • Connection pipe, 6 cm, white
  • Connection pipe, 15 cm, white
  • Connection pipe, 50 cm, white
  • Connection pipe, 50 cm, yellow
  • Signal cable, 35 cm, grey

Required Accessories

Operating device for the generation of stimuli and to power

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Продукт No: 65963-00

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