Ceramic lamp socket E27, with reflector, switch and security plug

Продукт No: 06751-01

Function and Applications

Ceramic lamp holder for E27-sockets up to a power of 250 W.


  • With outreflector lamps up to a power of 500 W can be used.
  • Perfectly suited for heat radiation experiments.
  • The Reflector is included. The position of the lamp can be adjusted within the reflector.
  • The lamp is mounted on a fixable and adjustable hinge and can be mounted on support bars up to a diameter of 15 mm.
  • With 3.2 m security cable and on/off switch.

Equipment and technical data

  • Maximum Power: 250 (500) W
  • Diameter of the reflector: 200 mm
  • Depth of the reflector: 165 mm
  • Mass: 750 g
  • Delivered without lamp

Necessary accessory: Filament lamp, 220V/120W, with reflector (06759-93)



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Продукт No: 06751-01

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