Laws of uniform linear motion with Cobra4

Продукт No: P1003862


In this experiment, pupils should determine the laws of motion associated with uniform straight motion. Particularly, the presentation of the course of motion should be prepared in a distance-time graph and a speed-time graph.


  • Entrance to the world of datalogging by using the Cobra4 Mobile-Link
  • The use of the compact Cobra4 Mobile-Link is space-saving, also no socket is needed
  • Very modern student experiments which fully cover the curriculum subject "Motion"

Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
Cobra4 Mobile-Link 2 incl. accessories: battery, USB cable, charger and SD memory card 12620-10 1
Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Timer/Counter 12651-00 1
Car, motor driven 11061-00 1
Light barrier, compact 11207-20 2
Track, l 900 mm 11606-00 1
Shutter plate for car, motor driven 11061-03 1
Adapter plate for Light barrier compact 11207-22 2
Connecting cord, 32 A, 1000 mm, red 07363-01 1
Connecting cord, 32 A, 1000 mm, yellow 07363-02 1
Connecting cord, 32 A, 1000 mm, blue 07363-04 1
Meter scale, demo. l=500mm, self adhesive 03005-00 2

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Schülerversuche Lineare Bewegung mit Cobra4 Mobile-Link, Gerätesatz TESS advanced Physik ME-DYN 15284-88

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Продукт No: P1003862

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