Laws of uniformly acceleration motion with the 2-1 timer

Продукт No: P1003905


In this experiment, pupils will examine acceleration in an example of motion under constant acceleration, and they will sum up the laws of motion in the form of graphs. By comparing slopes contained in the s/t2 and the v/t graphs, the proportionality factor k in the relation s = k t2 can be determined to be approximately a/2. This way, the relationship s = 1/2 a t2 is made to be more understandable.


  • Especially accurate and reproducible results due to the use of light barriers and the Timer 2-1
  • Timer 2-1 can be used for versatile applications, for example for teacher experiments due to ist great display
  • Very modern student experiments which fully cover the curriculum subject "Motion"


Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
PHYWE Timer 2-1 13607-99 1
Light barrier, compact 11207-20 2
Track, l 900 mm 11606-00 1
Cart for measurements and experiments 11060-00 1
Support base, variable 02001-00 1
Shutter plate for cart 11060-10 1
Boss head 02043-00 1
Holding pin 03949-00 1
Slotted weight, black, 50 g 02206-01 1
Support rod with hole, stainless steel, 10 cm 02036-01 1
Connecting cord, 32 A, 1000 mm, red 07363-01 2
Connecting cord, 32 A, 1000 mm, yellow 07363-02 2
Connecting cord, 32 A, 1000 mm, blue 07363-04 2
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm 02031-00 1

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interTESS DVD, vollständige Version mit allen Versuchen Physik, Chemie, Biologie, Applied Sciences 01100-00
Handbuch Schülerversuche Mechanik 6, mit dem Timer 2-1, TESS advanced Physik 01159-11 DEU
Schülerversuche Lineare Bewegung mit Timer 2-1 Gerätesatz TESS advanced Physik ME-DYN 15283-88
Schülerversuche Lineare Bewegung digital, Gerätesatz TESS advanced Physik ME-DYN 15283-88D

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Продукт No: P1003905

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