Oscillations of a leaf spring

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In the previous experiments, the students determined the oscillation period of a spring and of a thread pendulum, and its dependence on the mass. They also determined the spring constant and pendulum length respectively.

In this experiment they should establish the dependence of the oscillation period on the mass and length of a leaf spring pendulum.

Graphs generated from the results should be investigated, and the analogy to a thread pendulum considered.



  • Student-suitable experiment descriptions with reports available

Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
Support base, variable 02001-00 1
Stopwatch, digital, 1/100 s 03071-01 1
Leaf spring attachment 02228-05 1
Boss head 02043-00 1
Leaf spring 02228-00 1
Holding pin 03949-00 1
Slotted weight, black, 10 g 02205-01 4
Slotted weight, black, 50 g 02206-01 1
Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm 02031-00 1
Measuring tape, l = 2 m 09936-00 1

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Продукт No: P1002900

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