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Продукт No: P1315800

The stream of particles emitted from a radioactive source diminishes over time. A radioactive substance decays according to certain physical laws. In the special case of a radioactive substance comprising only one irradiating component, the quantity of material diminishes exponentially over time.

Перечень материалов (вы́писка) Продукт Количество
PHYWE Geiger-Müller Counter 13609-99 1
Demo Physics board with stand 02150-00 1
Geiger-Mueller counter tube, type B, BNC cable 50 cm 09005-00 1
Clamp on holder 02164-00 1
Plate holder on fixing magnet 09203-00 1
Counter tube holder on fixating magnet 09201-00 1
Source holder on fixing magnet 09202-00 1
Support clamp for small case 02043-10 1
Specimen tube with holder 09203-01 1
Steel pellets, d = 2 mm, 120 g 03990-00 1
Support rod,stainl.steel, 100mm 02030-00 1

Литература по данной статье

Название Продукт Язык
Handbuch Lehrerversuche Radioaktivität auf der Tafel, DEMO advanced Physik (RT) 01156-01 DEU
Demo advanced Physics Manual Radioactivity on the Board (RT) 01156-02 ENG
Lehrerversuche Radioaktivität, Gerätesatz Demo advanced Physik RT 15590-88

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Продукт No: P1315800

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