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Ni-MH accu, Mignon, 1.2 V, 1900 mAh, Eneloop Type, 4 pcs.

Function and Applications

4-pack of 1,900 mAh rechargeable AA batteries for digital cameras, remotes, etc.


  • Pre-charged and ready to use right out of the pack
  • Preserves charge for long periods of time
  • Extremely low self-discharge rate (maintains 85 percent of capacity ...

Продукт No: 07930-03

Fast Charging System for up to 4 MeH Accumulators

Equipment and Technical Data
  • Charging current 450 mA
  • External power supply with wide range input 100-240 VAC and 12 V car adapter
  • Reachargeable batteries are not included

Продукт No: 07933-99

Battery box

Function and Applications

Shock-resistant plastic housing to hold a 4.5 V flat battery.




Продукт No: 06030-21

Flat battery, 4.5 V


Продукт No: 07496-01

Flat cell battery, 9 V


Продукт No: 07496-10

Battery cell, 1.5 V, baby size, type C


Продукт No: 07922-01

Ni-MH accus, size AA, 1.3 Ah / 1.2V, 1 pair


Продукт No: 07922-03

Micro Battery Cell 1,5 V, R03/UM4, type AAA


Продукт No: 07922-05

Battery cell 1.5 V, Mono, R20/UM-1, type D


Продукт No: 07922-10

Button Cell CR2032, 3V (5 pieces)

Function and Applications
Set of 5 Li-metal button cell batteries. For use e.g. in Cobra SMARTsense.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Voltage: 3V 
  • Type: CR2032

Продукт No: 07922-16

Ni-MH accu,9V block,Cd free,1 pcs

Ni-Cd storage batteries can be loadedagain up to 1000 times. They are leakproof. For this reason, they can also beconsidered as environmentally safe. Theymust however be disposed of as specialwaste once their life time has beenreached.

Продукт No: 07925-02

Universal charger, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH


Продукт No: 07926-93

Univeral Charging System for Accumulators and Battery Tester

Function and ApplicationsDesktop charger for 1-8 Micro AAA orMignon AA cells; or for 1-4 Baby C orMono D cells in addition to 1-2 pcs 9Vblock or 1 Li-Ion/Li-Po battery pack(3.6/3.7V - 7.2/7.4 V) connected by theprovided universal adapter plate.Benefits- Suitable for NiCd, NiMH, ...


Продукт No: 07931-99

Battery box w. sockets,module DB


Продукт No: 09390-05

Dry cell, 1.5 V, Mignon type R6 (AA)


Продукт No: 11620-34

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X-ray expert unit

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