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Software Cobra4 - multi-user licence

Function and Applications

The "measure Cobra4" measuring software leaves nothing to be desired.

As soon as a Cobra4 sensor is connected to a PC, irrespective of whether by Cobra4 Wireless or Cobra4 USB Link, the "measure Cobra4" software opens completely automatically and shows the ...


Продукт No: 14550-61

curricuLAB measureLAB

Function and Applications

The software measureLAB enables computer-based student and demonstration experiments in natural science teaching. Measure, analyze and share measurement data in combination with the Cobra4 datalogging interfaces.


  • Operating ...

Продукт No: 14580-61

curricuLAB LabManager, site licence

Equipment and Technical Data
  • Online-platform. Recommended internet connection bandwidth: min. 16Mbit/s
  • Recommended internet browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome




Продукт No: 14590-61

RiSU Manager (only Germany)


Продукт No: 14592-61

Softw. temperature meter 4-2

  • coloured digital, analogue or graphical presentation of measured values on a PC screen (online)
  • Windows(TM) format
  • autoscaling
  • automatical or manual data collection
  • integrated analysis tools



Продукт No: 14405-61

Software Speed of Light Meter

The Software for the Speed of Light Meter belongs to the "measure" software family. This software is charactarised by easy and intuitive features and is very user friendly.With this software all measured quantities from the Speed of Light Meter can be recorded and graphically displayed. ...


Продукт No: 14411-61

Software "Measure Acoustics", single user license

 Function and Applications

Software for the computer-assisted performance of student experiments on the topic of Acoustics.


  • Powerful - Generation and analysis of sound signals. Live display of the amplitude in time and frequency domain (Fouriertransformation), ...

Продукт No: 14441-61

measure Software multi channel analyser

Function and Applications

Software for PC-controlling of theMulti-Channel-Analyser and forevaluation and graphicalpresentation of measurements.The software for "Multi-ChannelAnalyser" is part of the software family"measure".This software is charactarised by easyand intuitive features and is very ...


Продукт No: 14452-61

Software Cobra3 Chem-Unit

Measuring software for the Cobra3CHEM-UNIT from the "measure"-familyfor data recording, data representationand data analysis:- software is easy and intuitive to use- during the measurement you can choosebetween analogue displays, digitaldisplays and diagrams- it is possible to activate up to ...


Продукт No: 14520-61

Software Measure Franck-Hertz experiment

Function and Applications

Software for PC-controlling of the Franck-Hertz-experiment operation unit and for evaluation and graphical presentation of measurements. The software for "Franck-Hertz Experiment" is part of the software family "measure".


  • This software is charactarised by ...

Продукт No: 14522-61

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X-ray expert unit

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