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Weight with measureAPP


"A mass is not only inert but also heavy." Which is intended to mean that not only is a force necessary to accelerate a mass, but also that each mass in the earth's gravitional field experiences a force, the force of weight. The force of weight is to be measured ...


Продукт No: P0999068

Weight with SMARTsense


Продукт No: P0999069

Bending of a leaf spring with measureAPP


Leaf springs are thin metal plates that are elastically deformed under load: When a force is applied to a
leaf spring, then it is subject to deformation. A characteristic of such an elastic deformation is that the
original shape is re-formed when the force is no longer active. In ...


Продукт No: P0999268

Bending of a leaf spring with SMARTsense


Продукт No: P0999269

Helical spring pendulum with SMARTsense


Продукт No: P1002769

Thermal equilibrium with measureAPP


Why do tea or coffee get cold onstanding, but never hot? The students watch, the water temperatures when a vessel containing cold water is dipped into a hot water bath.


·         Especially ...


Продукт No: P1042268

Thermal equilibrium with SMARTsense


Продукт No: P1042269

Thermal insulation with measureAPP


A quick loss of heat is sometimes not wanted. What can be done to keep the temperature in a vessel
constant? Students are measuring the cooling of hot water in two different environments.


Продукт No: P1043668

Thermal insulation with SMARTsense


Продукт No: P1043669

Heating of water with measureAPP


How depends the time required to heat up water on the amount of water when a defined heating source is available? The students are heating up various amounts of water with an electric heating coil and measure the time dependence of the ...


Продукт No: P1043768

Heating of water with SMARTsense


Продукт No: P1043769

Heating of various liquids with measureAPP


Do different liquids heat up to the same extent when subject to the same heating? The students are heating 100 g and 100 ml of water and of glycerol with an electric heating coil and measure the temperature in dependence on

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