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Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Colorimetry

Function and Applications

The Sensor-Unit Colorimeter is used for the photometric measurement of concentrations in liquids, e.g. iron or nitrate in aqueous solutions (environment analytics). It can also be used for measurement of reaction kinetics (time dependence ...


Продукт No: 12634-00

Spectrophotometer WPA S800+, 325...1100 nm

Function and Applications

This visible diode array spectrophotometer has been designed to meet the routine spectroscopy needs of customers requiring a small, lightweight instrument that is easy to use. This photometer is ideal for use in educational, biotech or industrial establishments.


Продукт No: 35603-99

Shimadzu UV-1280 Spectrophotometer 190-1100 nm

  • The UV-VIS spectral photometer is characterised by its compact design and due to its wide range of possible uses.
  • Operation is via a clearly set out overlay keyboard on the screen dialogue.
  • Current wavelengths and measured values can be displayed in large ...

Продукт No: 35655-99

Cell for spectrophotometer, quartz

Function and Applications

Cuvette for spectrophotometer for measurements in the UV / Vis range (200-2500 nm)


Продукт No: 35665-00

Spectrophotometer, 340-1000 nm

Equipment and Technical Data
  • Range of wavelength: 340 nm to 1000 nm
  • Wave length precision: +/-2 nm
  • Wave length reproducibility: <= 1 nm
  • Transmission precision: +/- 0,5% (T)
  • Transmission reproducibility  <= 0,2% (T)
  • Specral bandwidth: 5 ...

Продукт No: 35668-93

Water analysis excursion case with filter photometer

Function and Applications

This excursion case enables students to actively participate in the measurement of water parameters in your immediate neighbourhood. Rapid chemical analyses provide meaningful results in a very short time. The colourimetric tests can be reproducibly and exactly ...


Продукт No: 30839-01

Filter photometer 400 to 700 nm

Function and Applications

The Biochrom WPA CO7000 is a portable colorimeter designed for use by doctors and medical technologists in small and medium sized clinics. Single beam filter based spectrophotometer/colorimeter covering 400 to 700 nm


  • Single beam filter based ...

Продукт No: 35602-99

Lamp, Deuterium 1240

10-mm square cuvettes made of quartz,suitable for measurements in the ultraviolet and visible range of thespectrum, reactant volume requiredapprox. 3 ml. Optical path length:10 mm; external dimensions (mm):12 ×12 × 45; internal dimensions (mm):10 ×10 × 44; contents: ...

Продукт No: 35655-02

Lamp, wolfram

Replacement lamp for the UV VIS spectralphotometer (no illustration).

Продукт No: 35655-10

Cuvette rack, PE, 12 places

Function and applications

Polythene rack for cuvettes, accommodating up to twelve 10-mm rectangular cuvettes.


Продукт No: 35661-00

Macro-cuvettes, PS, 4ml,100 pcs

Function and applications

10-mm rectangular cuvettes for spectral photometers. Made of polystyrene for making measurements in the visible region (360...2500 nm).

Equipment and technical data

  • Optical path for all cuvettes 10 mm
  • External dimensions (mm): 12 x 12 x 44
  • Contents: 4 ml ...

Продукт No: 35663-10

Cell for spectrophotometer, optical glass


Продукт No: 35664-00

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X-ray expert unit

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