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Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Electrophysiology: ECG, EMG, EOG

Function and Applications

To perform electrophysiological, noninvasive measurements of heart, eye, and muscle activities using the Cobra4 Wirless-Link,the Cobra4 USB-Link or the Cobra4 Junior-Link.


  • Multipurpose-sensor: measure ECG, EMG or ...

Продукт No: 12673-00

Shielded leads for electrophysiology, color-coded, 3/pkg

Function and Applications:

to connect with a electrophysiology measurement unit and to connect to ECG electrodes, EMG/EOG electrodes and crocodile clips.


Продукт No: 12673-01

Crocodile clips for disposable electrodes, 3/pkg

Function and Applications

For connection of disposable electrodes to the color-coded test leads for electrophysiological measurements

Equipment and technical data:

  • Black, with 2mm jacks

Продукт No: 12673-02

Storage container with rollers for TESS sets, for 8 trays

Function and Applications

Mobile storage container with rollers for up to 8 TESS boxes (tall form, h = 15 cm) or up to 16 TESS boxes (short form, h = 7,5 cm).


  • Easy, space-saving and open storage
  • Mobile due to rollers, can be transported easily to ...


Продукт No: 15210-00

Stereo loudspeakers to connect to a PC

Function and Applications

Stereo loudspeaker to connect to a PC, with power supply via USB. Interface for 3.5 mm stereo jack. On/off switch and volume control.



Продукт No: 15289-10

Stereo headset, on-ear, with microphone

Function and Applications

Headphone with high-grade audio quality and microphone unit, with 3.5 mm stereo jack to connect to a PC. Frequency range: 10 to 24,000 Hz.



Продукт No: 15289-20

Headphone, stereo

  • closed ear cups
  • large frequency

Продукт No: 65974-00

Strobe drum

Function and Applications

To produce moving stimuli for the investigation of the resolving power of the eye, for testing human reaction capacity and as a type of centrifuge for investigating the effects of mass acceleration on plants and animals.

Equipment and technical data

  • Diameter: 32

Продукт No: 65976-00

Temperature organ

Function and Applications

This ring-shaped apparatus enables a temperature gradient to be formed and is a valuable tool for working out ecological relationships.


  • It allows, e.g., to observe the influence of the temperature of soil on germination and growth of plants
  • Soil ...

Продукт No: 65983-93

Perimeter, diameter 60 cm

Function and Applications

Perimeter consisting of semicircular channel with protractorscale-10 degr. divisions, rotable around one axis.


Продукт No: 65984-00

Human eye, working model

Function and Applications

This model is a mechanical copy of an eyeball.


Продукт No: 66650-00



121 basic experiments on 12 main topics:

  • Cells and cell differentiation
  • Water and mineral content
  • Photosynthesis
  • Breathing
  • Blood and blood circulation
  • Eating and digestion
  • Enzymes
  • Human and animal senses
  • Neuron stimulation and response in plants
  • Behaviour
  • Growth and ...

Продукт No: 01139-11

Demo advanced Chemistry / Biology Manual Cobra3 (C3BT)

Folder with 61 described experiments inthe fields of:1. Food chemistry2. Ecology and environment3. Biochemistry4. Nerves Physiology5. Human Physiology6. Plant Physiology7. Electrochemistry8. Chemical equilibrium9. Gas laws

Продукт No: 01320-02

TESS advanced Biologie Handbuch Schülerversuche


Продукт No: 01845-01

TESS advanced Biology manual Students experiments

Function and Applications

92 basic experiments related to: We study plants and animals.

What you can learn about

  • Germination of seeds and growth of plants
  • Our environment and dangers to it
  • Our foods and their digestion
  • Respiration and blood
  • Sense organs
  • Plant ...

Продукт No: 01845-02

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X-ray expert unit

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